Saturday, July 15, 2006


Next to art, photography is my second passion and its amazing what you 'don't' see when you take a photograph, for example I was so intent on capturing the frog I did not see the newt until I downloaded the photo's on to my PC.
One of the best inventions ever is the digital camera which I take everywhere I go, as you never know when you might see something worth recording. I took these particular photos when my sister and I went for lunch the other day. Before heading into the pub we went for a walk around the village and I caught this swallow returning to her nest, it's amazing the way the animals adapt to their surroundings this particular nest was on Lacock high street above one of the cottages front door. I could have stayed there all day waiting to capture better photo's but the noises coming from my stomach would have scared the birds away LOL


Sue said...

Fab photos! I didn't see the newt till you mentioned it. Isn't camoflage great? I agree about digital cameras too, how good it is to be able to see your photos so fast and not worry about running out of film!

natural attrill said...

Hi Debs, I didnt see the newt till I read about it! Thanks for linking us, I still cant work out how to link.

Debbie said...

Thanks Sue,
I used to take loads of photos with a SLR and have boxes of negatives, transparencies and prints that take so much room they have been put in the loft. Going digital as well as being instant, is space saving. But I do get paranoid about CD/DVD’s getting damaged and burn a couple of duplicates that I store in a safe cool dry place just in case.

fhiona said...

cool photo of the frog Debs!

Tiger Mouse said...

I love the photo of the frog and newt - like everyone else, I didn't see the newt until I looked again! What an amazing moment to capture. The detail and composition are great.