Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Playing catch up
Back in the living... i would first off like to say a belated but sincere HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my illustrator and internet friends… I wish you all good fortune and good health this coming year.

Now to post photos if a little late of the wonderful SSOF parcel I received before Christmas from Julia French Fancy When opening the Christmas SSOF parcel my eyes fell upon presents sumptuously wrapped in royal purple paper and tied up with taffeta ribbon trimmed with gold beads.
A lovely handmade Santa Christmas card with a very realistic beard and furry trimmed hat (Fur graciously donated by Julia’s Bichon Frise dogs….. no dogs were harmed during this process he he!) and you say your not artistically creative Julie.

A decorated wooden chest, which when opened contained butter crackers that are long gone. (accompanied by a bottle of red and some brie yum!)
A jar of Confit D’Ongnons (onion marmalade) which also went down well over the Christmas accompanied with cold meats and cheeses.
A darling little angel ornament which took pride of place on the Christmas tree.
and a Father Christmas which you throw at a wall or door and watch it crawl down great fun if not slightly creepy.
The pen is an ingenious design that is very easy to use and a very thoughtful gift.
And soaps of King Henry and his six wives’s smell wonderfully clean if you know what I mean, and the paintings on the boxes are lovely to look at.
Thank you so much Julia for your wonderful gifts.