Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Idyllic Summer and lovely faeries

It’s a lovely summer day here and with Gretel posting about the Society of Secret Fairies (a wondeful idea!) I thought I’d post a photo I took of my friend Claire’s daughter last summer in my garden. Taken with a Canon A30 Power Shot, worked on in Photoshop, I then printed a 10 x 8 print which I gave to my friend as a reminder of a lovely afternoon.

Hope all of you are having a lovely idyllic summer

Friday, August 04, 2006

Butterflies and Bees

There seems to be an abundance of butterflies and insects about this summer and I have been able to capture some great shots in the garden which I thought I’d share here.

Bumble Bee

The bee on the cornflower seem to be having a good day judging by the pollen he had collected and it’s a win-win situation the butterflies and bees get a well earned pesticide free meal, and we get the pleasure of beautiful flowers and a bumper crop of fruit and vegetables.

Due to the abundance of flowers they don't seem to mind sharing

I was so pleased with the photo below i have decided to used it as my desktop wallpaper. The butterfly in the photo is a Speckled wood Pararge aegeria