Friday, August 04, 2006

Butterflies and Bees

There seems to be an abundance of butterflies and insects about this summer and I have been able to capture some great shots in the garden which I thought I’d share here.

Bumble Bee

The bee on the cornflower seem to be having a good day judging by the pollen he had collected and it’s a win-win situation the butterflies and bees get a well earned pesticide free meal, and we get the pleasure of beautiful flowers and a bumper crop of fruit and vegetables.

Due to the abundance of flowers they don't seem to mind sharing

I was so pleased with the photo below i have decided to used it as my desktop wallpaper. The butterfly in the photo is a Speckled wood Pararge aegeria


natural attrill said...

Lovely pics Debs, do you manipulate them in photoshop? The top one of the bee looks like you might have. This is from someone who didnt even know how to turn on a computer a couple of years ago, now I think I know what I am talking about (not) ho ho!

Debs said...

Hi Penny, no manipulation, I’ll take that as a compliment though ;>) All three were taken on micro setting which throws the background out of focus. Camera used a Canon PowerShot S30

natural attrill said...

Heee heee, I dont know what I am talking about!!! P.

Unknown said...

I think your photography is wonderful.

tlchang said...

Clicked on your link from Penny's blog. Terrific photos. Love the bees and butterflies - but was especially impressed with the frog and salamander!